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Chainmaille Care

Aluminum/anodized aluminum:

will not tarnish, but will dull with wear. The best way to clean is to hand wash with dish soap (original Dawn is best). Do not use anything with a skin softening agent, as it attracts dirt & oils that will dull the finish.

Copper, brass and bronze:

some people like the natural patina of these metals, but if you prefer yours to stay bright & shiny, immerse it in a container of lemon or lime juice, and swish around until the shine is back. Hand wash gently with dish soap, dry with a towel, and allow it to fully dry before storing. Warning: putting damp pieces in a plastic bag will cause it to patina quickly.

**Recent tests have shown that plain white, distilled vinegar works best (in my opinion), and if you leave the piece soak it won't pit the metal.


can be cleaned as normal silver jewelry, with polish or a cloth. (unless it is mixed with another metal, then the lemon juice method is recommended.)

**all of your chainmaille should be kept out of the sun, and away from chemicals, such as bleach or chlorine. Store sealed, in a dry, dark place with a tarnish tab for best results.